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Providing Professional Tax and Accounting Services

Providing Professional Tax and Accounting Services Providing Professional Tax and Accounting Services



Freedom Tax Professionals Cares about our Community

Many of you impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic may receive refunds and we want to get those refunds to you as soon as possible.  We will file your tax return for you and you can pay us later. 



1.  Why would you do this? We are a local business that has over 60 years of tax preparation experience and are trying to help our community get through this crisis. Many of you will have refunds and we want to help you get that money as soon as possible.

2.  What are your fees? Our fees range based on the complexity of the return, however we still offer our promotion of saving 25% over what you paid last year with some conditions such as a minimum fee applies.

3.  When will I have to pay? That depends, we ask that you pay when you can, however, officially we are asking for payment by 10/15/20 if things have returned to normalcy. Under certain conditions we will allow you to return to us next year and pay for both years at that time. 

4.   Will your prices go up? No, the price you pay this year will be the same price you pay next year if your return is the same or similar. 

5.    What if I don’t pay? If you decide not to pay you will be turned over to a collection agency and eventually it will impact your credit score.

6.  What if I move or am relocated? You can always pay over the phone using your credit/debit card or send us a check through the USPS.

7.    Can I pay you with my refund? Yes, in fact we are lowering our pay by refund fees from $39.95 to $20 for the remainder of the filing season to help our clients save money.

8.   What if I owe the IRS or State? You can still pay us later, the IRS and State has also extended the time to pay those balances without penalties and interest. 

9.    What about the social distancing requirements? We want to keep you and our employees safe and practice the recommended policies of the CDC and Federal Government. We prefer to file your return using our secure document link where we can send you an electronic secure access link to upload your documents and download signature forms. or have you drop off your documents and return later to pick up your completed return and sign the proper forms, we can also handle your appointment over Skype. Skype is a free app you can download on your phone or tablet using your email. 

10.   How are you preventing fraud? You will be required to submit picture ID with your documents and that will be validated against your appearance either by Skype or in person when you pick up your return. You may be asked to show picture ID again if you are picking up your return.

11.  How do I request a secure access link? You should first call the office between 10am and 7pm most days and you will be directed to our “Drop Off” form located on this website. You can then provide your email address and we will send you a secure link to upload the documents and the completed Drop Off form.

12.    Can I just email you my documents? While you can, you should understand that does pose a higher risk for identity theft. Our server and files are highly protected with state of the art antivirus software and firewall securities, however once that email leaves our office, it is dependent on your security protocols.

13.    What are your office hours? Our office hours are constantly changing due to this unstable environment so please call the office at 951-566-4200 prior to coming in for any reason. We are also limiting the time our employees spend in the office together to meet the social distancing guidelines.

14.   Does this include business returns? Unfortunately not, business and corporate returns are much more complex, however the 25% over last year promotion still applies with minimum charges. 

15.  How do  I know if I qualify for this promotion?  Currently we have a good understanding of those impacted by this epidemic and will qualify you unless it is obvious that you don't qualify based on income or other factors.

16.    What if I have more questions? If you have additional questions not answered here please send us an email at info@freedomtaxpro.com and we will reply within 24 hours.



Contest Details

Let Freedom Tax Professionals prepare and file your taxes this year and you will be entered into a drawing for a week's stay at a Hawaii Resort.  Refer a friend and get up to 3 additional entries for more chances to win!  Stay subject to availability, airfare not included, stay includes a 6 night stay.  Only paid returns are eligible for the drawing,  Drawing to be held July 15th, 2020.


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